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Nethaniel Ribco
Nethaniel Ribco is a Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at CyberProof responsible for delivering actionable and tailored threat intelligence, optimizing and developing intelligence-related methodologies, and assimilating threat intelligence outputs into security operations. Prior to joining CyberProof, Nethaniel worked at IntSights, where he first started out as a Senior Cyber Intelligence Analyst. He conducted research about cyber threats originating from sources on Dark Web hacking communities and black markets and conducted HUMINT operations to identify new cyber-related sources and trends. Nethaniel was promoted to Customer Success Manager for IntSights’ clients, where he assisted in ensuring the quality of the product and supported clients with cyber incidents. Prior to his involvement in the cyber security sector, Nethaniel studied Political Science and Sociology at Bar Ilan University, before which he served in the International Military Cooperation Unit of the Israel Defense Forces.

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